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Brian George is the author of five books of poetry and two books of essays, the first of which, Masks of Origin: Regression in the Service of Omnipotence, is being published by Untimely Books in 2022. Other forthcoming titles include Voyage to a Nonexistent Home; To Akasha: An incantation for the End of History; and The Preexistent Race Descends. He is a graduate of the Massachusetts College of Art, an exhibited artist and former art teacher at several Boston area middle schools, a former member of the Boston Visionary Cell, and a former organizer for Evolver Boston. He was a founding member of MAAP SPACE, a multimedia performance series, as well as of the Revolving Arts Salon and the current Cedar Square Arts Salon. He often tells people first discovering his work that his goal is not so much to be read as to be reread, and then lived with.

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Brian George has appeared on a number of podcasts and is currently available for interviews. Use this link if you’d like to invite Brian onto your show. See Brian’s latest appearances.


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