Publishing with Untimely Books

If you are a writer interested in publishing with Untimely Books, the first step is to join Cosmos Cooperative. We generally only publish active members, although how you choose to be active is quite flexible, and might include participating in reading and writing groups, volunteering with day-to-day operations, and much more.

If you are a non-member and are interested in publishing with us, consider submitting to Metapsychosis, which publishes short prose, poetry, and experimental forms.

Members who have been active for about a year can pitch book-length manuscripts at our Untimely Books editorial meetings. If your book is chosen for publication, you can expect to spend about a year working with our editors and production team to make your book as good as it can possibly be before publication.

After publication, you will continue to participate in marketing and publicity, with the support of your editors, marketing team and fellow authors, to help your book reach as broad a readership as possible. This phase also generally lasts at least a year.

Overall, publishing with Untimely Books is a big commitment. But if you have a manuscript you’re passionate about, please consider joining us!