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Key to the Highway

A cosmic motorbike fantasy and a magical blues harp take musician Chris Hunter on a mythological odyssey across Australia, India, Thailand, Borneo and Brazil.

Cover Art by Vytas Kapociunas

Key to the Highway
Richard Andrews
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Paperback, Hardcover, Ebook
$29.99 USD (Hardcover)$19.99 USD (Paperback)$9.99 USD (Ebook)
# of Pages:
214 (Paperback)
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Paperback is 5 x 8 inches (127 x 203.2 mm)
9781961334007 Hardcover9781961334991 (Paperback)9781961334984 (Ebook)
Publication date:
20 Jun 2023 (Hardcover)20 Jun 2023 (Paperback)20 Jun 2023 (Ebook)
Untimely Books
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Ingram (Worldwide)
Short Description

A cosmic motorbike fantasy and a magical blues harp take Chris Hunter on a wild, Orphic odyssey through the Australian Outback to Indonesia, India, Bangkok, Borneo and Rio. His reality morphs into a mythological world of gods and demons, manifested as bikers, prophets, gun runners, drug smugglers, shady businessmen and neo-Nazis. Empowered by an ancient esoteric secret, his journey to self-discovery climaxes in a battle with Alt-Right forces.

Richard Andrews

Short Bio

The son of a Polish cavalry officer, Richard grew up in Australia before migrating to Quebec with his Canadian muse. In between, he chalked up more than 30 years as a journalist, foreign correspondent, diplomat and freelancer. An award-winning editor, he writes for newspapers, travel magazines, foundations, industry journals and IT companies. Richard also teaches part time at McGill University after working in China and Malaysia, with writing stays in India, Brazil, Lesbos and Malta. He now lives on a former vineyard in Quebec’s Eastern Townships.

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