By Mary Thaler

Niv Sekar (Illustrator)

PoetryCanadian—21st Century  •  Epic Poetry  •  Women Authors

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About the Book

On blustery nights, fast abed in our halls
We rejoice that outside, the jarring waves,
And cruel rocks may yet keep the raiding-parties distant.
We know if we fall unarmed into their hands
We will be no less loot than the boar-helms or rings
That they take from the slain.

—from Ulfhildr

On an unnamed coastline, hidden in the mists of history, a woman is confronted with her husband’s death in battle, drawing on her courage and cunning to secure the safety of herself and her young son and to lead her kingdom into war. But in this brutal society, where life is cheap, the only person who can decide when she has gone too far is herself. Betrayed by adversaries within and without, Queen Ulfhildr proclaims a defiant manifesto in this narrative poem about power and responsibility.

Ulfhildr is an epic poem in 3 parts, written (approximately) in Anglo-Saxon meter. Featuring a heroine as post-tragic as she is powerful—as daring as she is doomed—in a poetic tour de force told with ruthless economy, this book will prompt deep questions in the sensitive reader concerning leadership, love, and fate.

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About the Author

Mary Thaler

Mary Thaler is a writer, zine-maker and environmental microbiologist. She is currently revising the manuscript of a historical novel about the Arctic. Her work has appeared in numerous literary journals, and can be found online at marythaler.wordpress.com

About the Illustrator, Niv Sekar

Niv Sekar is an artist and writer. She grew up in the South and now resides in New York, watching the winters grow warmer. Her work is occupied with movement and time, queerness, boundaries, and the speculative. Niv can often be found working on stories about queer brown girls. Find her work here: nivsekar.com.