By Maía

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About the Book

Portraits is a group of “poem-paintings” of human and more-than-human subjects whose lives and ways have inspired the poet. This volume includes homages to James Baldwin, Thomas Merton, Denise Levertov, Rachel Carlson, Carson, and Barry Lopez, as well as sea sparrows, caged parrots, mockingbirds, and starling kin… mother ocean, old-man river, spruce groves and kelp… comb jellies, grey gulls, anemones, green crabs, whelks and periwinkles. Maia’s intimate portraits show us how we can see these people and beings who belong to our world in a poetic new light.

About the Author


I was born in Southern California in the outskirts of LA, grew up in a small, Spanish-speaking neighborhood. I still live in SC, closer to the Pacific coast now where the sea is often breathing in my ear. I am motivated by intense love for the Earth, all its creatures and elements, not only humans. Collaboration with other writers and artists nurtures me, while pursuing typical publishing industry goals does not. Over my lifetime, being a writer has become a more or less continual spiritual/intellectual/sensual practice, when I am making sentences and when I am silent—a way of discerning connections, of coming to know and being known.