Embracing Paradox, Evolving Language

By L.E. Maroski

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About the Book

The polarizing forces in world life and, accordingly, in personal life are intensifying by the hour. Embracing Paradox, Evolving Language introduces novel ways to engage these oppositions in thought, word, and action. By imagining consciousness and language as two sides of a one-sided Mobius strip, the book takes the reader on a mind-bending, kōan-like adventure into innovations for language and communication. Embracing Paradox, Evolving Language invites the reader to question the foundations and structure of ordinary language, and by becoming aware of its limitations, to seek new forms, based not only on “either/or” but also on “both/and.”

About the Author

L.E. Maroski

L.E. Maroski studied philosophy and psychology at Bryn Mawr College and has practiced Argentine tango around the world. Although her day-job as a medical editor requires her to mince words, she much prefers to find ways to meld them, creating new possibilities for expressing the paradoxical wholeness of Life, including a novel, The One That Is Both (2006).